Clean Electric


10x more efficient due to fixed wing and distributed electric motors


Features broad band connectivity for high speed internet access, and V2X collision avoidance and safety messaging.


Electric motors with low-noise, low-tip speed prop-rotors


All electric, zero operational emissions with fuel cell range extension

Drive Less, Do More

With the MOBi-ONE VTOL aircraft, ASX will connect cities, suburbs, and surrounding airports like never before – getting you there faster, giving you time to do more.


Traffic is taking over our lives

US drivers wasted $300 billion in fuel and productivity due to gridlock traffic


Productivity in dollars lost per driver per year due to traffic

1.9 billion

Gallons of fuel wasted per year due to traffic

42 hours

Time urban commuters sit in traffic per year

"Detroit is squarely in position to lead the mass traveling public in this new mode of mobility."
Bob LutzVice Chairman General Motors - Retired