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Wings of Change

Lockheed Martin and Detroit Aircraft renew historic partnership. When Lockheed Martin — a global provider of aerospace, defense, security, and advanced technologies — in May named Detroit Aircraft Corp. as its U.S. manufacturer, distributor, and service provider for the Indago … Read More

Detroit Driven

Detroit Aircraft Corp.

Detroit Aircraft Corp’s goal is lofty: to revitalize the city’s storied legacy in the aviation industry. The company’s founder, Jon Rimanelli, borrowed his company’s name from the original Detroit Aircraft Corporation (DAC), which held majority stock in America’s leading aircraft … Read More


Detroit company builds drones for public safety use; City eyed as hub for unmanned aircraft

DETROIT, MI – Jon Rimanelli said he believes unmanned aircraft is the next big thing in aviation, and he sees no reason why Detroit, with its engineering and manufacturing capacity, can’t play a major role in the burgeoning sector. Rimanelli … Read More


View From The Top – Detroit Aircraft Corp.

Jon Rimanelli, chairman of Detroit Aircraft Corp., is designing, testing, developing, and selling Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), or drones, in the former passenger terminal at Detroit City Airport. Jon Rimanelli, chairman of Detroit Aircraft Corp., is designing, testing, developing, and … Read More


Aero Tech Town

Detroit City Airport has established an industrial R&D cluster to develop the next generation of aircraft, including civilian drones. ILLUSTRATION BY JACQUI OAKLEY The Coleman A. Young International Airport on Detroit’s east side has two runways, a passenger terminal, a … Read More


Wings of Fortune

The next generation of aircraft is set to be developed, tested, and built in Detroit. In a bid to stoke an historic industry, Coleman A. Young International Airport in Detroit has established an R&D center for aerospace engineers and others … Read More